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How To Register Your Website Name

Domain Name Registration

Put simply, Domain Name Registration is the purchase of your website name(s).

You can register a single domain name, or you can register any number of domain names which will take people to your website.

You can check if the website name you would like is still available (and register it) on the 'Register A Website Name' page of this website.

The registration of your website name(s) is a very simple process - all we need is your name, your company name (if applicable), your address, phone number and current e-mail address (if you have one). You can then pay securely online and have your domain name(s) registered for you.

Your domain name is then transmitted throughout the world and becomes visible to the whole world within 48 hours.

When your name(s) has been registered, in a couple of months you will receive a certificate from a company called Nominet (.uk names only). Nominet is the central registration agency for .uk domain names.

If you need any changes to your registration details, just let us know and we'll make the changes for you.

You can always check your registration details by searching for your own domain name and then clicking the More Info link.

In order to use your website domain name(s), you will need some space to put your website on and/or hold your e-mails. Click here for full information on our website hosting packages.

Check if the Website Name You Want is Available
- you can check the availability of the website name(s) you want and then register them

Register One or More Names
- your website can have one or more 'domain names' that your customers can find you by